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Aveda creates a vision for the future with Barbara De Laere

Shakti Salons and Aveda’s Vision For The Future

Shakti Salons and Aveda — creating a vision for the future

In these last few tumultuous months, Aveda stylists, owners and educators stepped up with strength and resilience.

Barbara De Laere, Global Brand President of Aveda, recently addressed the Aveda network. As a founding member of the Aveda network, De Laere acknowledged Shakti’s tremendous leadership and provided guidance for the rest of 2020 and into the new year.

Barbara De Laere
Source: Instagram

“You have always been a crucial part of our ecosystem,” De Laere told us. “And you will stay extremely crucial for us in the future. As we’re looking at this new world we’re living in, everybody lives online, retail shopping is tough to sustain, and hair services are in high demand. Together we are creating a new omnichannel ecosystem that guides our guest in her hair journey.”

“In this new world, we believe that health is the new wealth; safety is the new luxury; care is the new currency; and green is the new reality.”

It goes without saying, however, your partnership with Shakti and Aveda to meet your needs definitely shows you’ve made the right choice.



“We’re creating a vision for the future as we’re in the bullseye of relevancy for consumers.

Aveda’s core values align perfectly with what consumers care most about in today’s world.”

-Barbara De Laere

As with many of our Shakti guests, and at the top of the list of Aveda’s priorities, are knowing what ingredients are in your hair and skin products. With high-performing, plant-powered, sustainable, cruelty-free products that are also now manufactured 100% vegan, Aveda products are in a league of their own. The sensorial experiences offered in the salon complement those products.
Shakti Founder, Lonny McLaughlin said, “The Shakti Team is extremely proud to have been the pioneers of bringing Aveda to Northeastern, Pennsylvania. We introduced Aveda in 1986 in our previous salon location at the United Penn Plaza. Kellie, Margie, Amy and Stephen have been part of the Aveda family for 3 decades and continue to be committed to using Aveda products due to their high-quality ingredients.”

To truly understand its customer, and those who may be interested in the brand, Aveda has done extensive research. “All the knowledge we’ve gathered about our existing and future customers, across generations, ethnicities and hair textures, is driving our vision for the future through product and service innovation. This addresses ALL diverse hair types and is supported by relevant storytelling, strong groundbreaking product results and outstanding creativity,” says De Laere.

Our Aveda customers exist across the globe. In the last 12 months, Aveda has launched in India, Mexico and Brazil. “We’re inspired by what these countries are doing,” De Laere says. “And we’ll be able to bring back some unique, special and high performing services, rituals of renewal and products to the rest of the world.”


“Our new lines, Nutriplenish and Botanical Repair, are just the beginning,” says De Laere. “More groundbreaking innovation in products and services are cooking in our labs. We have such an exciting pipeline coming to salons soon.” De Laere also shared that skincare and haircare have been the most resilient categories through COVID-19.

“There’s also a spiking demand going on in specific hair benefit spaces: hair hydration, hair repair, scalp health and reduction or prevention of hair loss, hair color and color care and detox,” she says.

Some categories that are increasing in popularity include:

  • Masks
  • Leave-in treatments
  • Multi-benefit hybrid products
  • Oils and serums, and
  • Hand products


“It’s a hidden gem that we will support to become an even stronger pillar in our offerings,” De Laere says. She sees a bright, thriving future for Shakti’s partnership in the Aveda network, and is eager to move forward together to create a vision for the future.

“Thank you for continuing to believe in us and partner with us. You work so hard to offer your guests the best experiences every day, and we are here to support you. We believe in you and are so excited for our future together.”

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