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New Year, New Choices

New Year New Choices

New Year New Choices. All choices have an impact.

We make so many of them every day, many times we don’t even realize we’re making choices.

We choose what to wear, what to eat, when to eat and we probably choose another 100+ times during the day. Some choices have more impact than others and there are some choices we may not be aware of the impact they truly have on our lives and the lives of others.

If you follow Aveda online or the Shakti social media pages, you may have seen that January 1st marked a special day in Aveda history. Aveda made the announcement that all their products are now 100% Vegan. Shakti is proud to partner with Aveda and Veganuary to share how important this is to you and the planet.

Why Choose Vegan?

Although there are hundreds of reasons to go Vegan, we came up with six below. As you read our list, keep in mind “going Vegan” or trying something Vegan does NOT mean changing your entire lifestyle. If that’s inspiring to you, though, GO FOR IT! But if it occurs as overwhelming, there are small ways to try Vegan this month.

Here are 6 ways to think about going Vegan:

  • Try going Vegan in January.
    • It only takes a small change to try Vegan. Maybe try one Vegan meal or find an easy recipe to make.
  • New foods or meals.
    • When you join with Veganuary, you’ll get tips about how to go Vegan but also great ideas and easy meal plans to diversify your palate.
  • A new commitment to the environment.
    • Help the animals, forests and our planet. Going Vegan, even for one month, can help the earth in more ways than you know.
  • Improve your concentration.
    • You might discover that you can concentrate for longer periods of time after you convert to Veganism. That’s because you’re consuming more healthy nutrients that improve cognition and productivity.
  • Knowing you’re not alone.
    • Anytime we take on something new, there will always be bad days or roadblocks. Sometimes you may feel like you’re the only one trying something new. Don’t worry! Veganuary’s got your back with tips and strategies so you can stay on your plan.
  • Shakti’s partnership with Aveda.
    • Shakti sells Aveda products that are now 100% Vegan, now and forever. Support your local salon and level-up your well-being by purchasing Aveda products directly through Shakti. You can also contact us at the salon for phone orders or curbside pick-up.

As stated above, there are MANY MORE things you can do whether it’s how you cook your food, what you’re buying, or what products you’re using on your hair, skin and body. If you’re already using Aveda products, you’ve already started your journey! If you haven’t tried Aveda products yet, this month would be a great time to start! Shakti has Aveda products for purchase in the salon, or you can use our online page right on our site.

Choosing Powerfully

Aveda chooses the Earth by responsibly sourcing plant-based ingredients. Shakti and Aveda’s choices empower the world with hair care that respects the Earth and nurtures your hair. What will your choice be? Join us this month for Veganuary as we all continue to make a difference in the world we live in.

Let us know if you’d like to join us by posting below one way you can go Vegan this week or this month! And feel free to SHARE this post and invite your friends!