Dana Litchkowski

Hair Color Expert & Chemical Specialist

Dana Litchkowski

Years in beauty profession: 4

Years at Shakti: 4

Specialty & expertise:

  • IBS New York Hair Show
  • Aveda Hair Color Systems Class
  • Advanced Allure Color & Styling Classes

Current accountability: Hair Color Expert & Chemical Specialist

Additional or advanced training:

“Being a client prior to working at Shakti,  I love the services, the atmosphere and the people who work here. I’ve been an artist for most of my life. I’ve competed in multiple competitions as well have been featured on WVLS’s Artist of The Week. After high school, I wanted to pursue my dream of owning my own art studio. I attended LCCC for my business management degree and realized that it wasn’t for me. I realized wanted to explore and expand my artistic skills. I knew there had to be something else. I got the wild idea to go to beauty school, so I took the challenge and dove into the beauty industry. I never had an interest in it, but hair color, nails, and updos inspired me. This was the best decision I ever made. I am able to put my skills to use and learned so much more. I immediately applied to a few salons so I could get my foot in the door as an assistant. Most of the salons didn’t have that positive and creative energy I was looking for. But I remembered one place did — one place, every time I walked in was full of positive energy and people who had the same passion I did about the beauty industry. That place is Shakti. I am so thankful for the opportunity Shakti has given me — to have a career and excellent training; as well as coworkers and clients that continue to inspire me. Thank you, Shakti.”

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I love everything that encompasses the beauty and fashion industry.

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